Five strands of Vitae membership

Vitae works across five strands to support the world-class professional development of researchers.

Celebrating our membership highlights from 2018.

Here are some highlights of our work in each area.

Influencing strategy and navigating policy
Strengthening institutional provision and quality
Supporting researcher developers in their professional development                                                            
Inspiring researchers to realise their full potential
Evidencing the impact of researcher development
The Vitae Researcher Development Framework can be used to review and develop institutional policy
Research Development Framework RDF domains
Our library of resources includes high quality, tried and tested training resources to establish or enhance your development programme for researchers



Professional development framework for researcher developers
Extensive online resources to support professional development, such as our researcher booklets series
Career progression 2013
Member news keeps you up-to-date with the latest in researcher development policy
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A guide for research directors, PIs and supervisors
Vitae Connections CPD events are based around the needs of our members 
Our online course on professional development planning:  PDP ROC
Facilitating institutional benchmarking through researcher experience surveys

Progress reviews and practical help to support effective policy implementation

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Every Researcher Counts!

Training materials, case studies and briefings to improve understanding of equality and diversity issues



Join or start discussions with other members through our online Community

Connect with other members through our online community


Offer inspiration by linking our large collection of career stories from real researchers




The Vitae Impact Framework and researcher development evaluation toolkit