Meet the team

Staff based in Cambridge, UK (main switchboard 01223 460277)


Alison Mitchell (Director of Development)Alison Mitchell Director of Development Vitae



Clare Viney (Chief Executive) 




David Nightingale (ICT Manager)David Nightingale




Emma Day (Project Manager)Mrs Emma Day

Hayley Evans (Office Manager)Hayley Evans Office Manager Vitae




Dr Janet Metcalfe (Head, Vitae)Dr Janet Metcalfe Head and Chair Vitae

Janet is based in London, UK


Jen Reynolds (Professional Development Manager)Jen Reynolds Partnerships Manager Vitae




Dr Katie Wheat (Higher Education Senior Manager)Dr Katie Wheat



Dr Kate Jones (Professional Development Manager)Dr Kate Jones




Lois Yardy (Events and Office Administrator)Lois Yardy




Meryem Yilmaz (Data Analyst and Office Administrator)Meryem Yilmaz




Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne (Director of Research,Intelligence and Communications)

Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne




Sarah Nalden (Communications and Marketing Executive)Sarah Nalden



Sharon Jackman (Head of Finances and Resources)Generic female avatar