UK Regional Hubs

From 2004-2014 staff who support the development of researchers in the UK  benefited from the work of Vitae’s UK Regional Hubs. We are now working with regional member organisations in a new way but the legacy of the Vitae Hubs will include many established working groups and relationships. As those we work with continue to appreciate a structure for regional engagement we will continue to work within the framework of our eight established UK regions.

How does Vitae work in our eight UK regions?

  • supporting meetings and events for staff supporting researchers
  • promoting researcher development within regions 
  • building and sustaining a network of staff with an interest in the professional development of researchers
  • encouraging the sharing of knowledge and practice between and beyond academic institutions
  • facilitating collaborative activity to support the development of researchers
  • enabling regional engagement in UK national discussions & initiatives

Do you support the development of researchers outside the UK? Would you like to host an international Vitae Hub? Contact us to find out more.