'What do research staff do next?' Forum

Vitae, in collaboration with Naturejobs, are investigating the careers of research staff who have transitioned from research posts in European higher education institutions to other employment sectors.

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Here’s what our partner Naturejobs says about the project on their blog.

Vitae aims to build an increasingly comprehensive picture of the subsequent careers of researchers, reveal the tipping points in their careers, understand their decision making processes and explore their experiences and views of their career paths, such that we can answer the underexplored question 'What do research staff do next?'.

At best we have some knowledge of the first few years of researchers career paths after the doctoral degree, but we want to know more about their subsequent career stages, how and why they leave higher education and enter other occupations, and what are their reflections on the process. The resultant career stories will be published on a searchable database on the Vitae website and will be valuable resource for researchers and those supporting researchers' career development.

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