Consultancy and training

Vitae can work with your organisation to advise, address specific needs on researcher development policy and provision, deliver training to your researchers or help build your organisation's capacity for training delivery.

Vitae capacity building programme

Our extensive resources and expertise enable accelerated research capacity building in countries with low research capability and bring added value to research intensive organisations to strengthen provision. Vitae has extensive knowledge and understanding of UK research and innovation ecosystems, and provides consultancy and training in many countries around the world. Vitae’s unique track record as an international HE sector-leading expert can deliver additional potency to capacity building of national systems, institutions, research groups and individuals.


Capacity building

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We offer consultancy in areas such as:                                                                                                        

  • Benchmarking and organisational gap analysis
  • Strategy and policy development
  • Talent management and development
  • Training of trainers to build sustainable organisational capacity
  • Doctoral training programmes
  • Employer engagement strategy
  • Recognition of training, researchers and organisations
  • Evaluation of the impact of professional development
  • Partnering with organisations on funding bids.

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We can deliver workshops on topics to suit you and your researchers, using a variety of delivery methods based on an interactive and experiential approach, with optional virtual support.

We have a number of established programmes for all stages of the researcher journey, from starting out in research to developing a research career. For example:

  • Effective researcher
  • Research staff futures
  • Professional development planning for researchers.

We can also develop tailored training programmes suited to your needs or on specific topics. Recent examples include:

  • Becoming an enterprising researcher
  • A mentoring approach to research supervision
  • Building your research profile.

Train-the-trainer for sustainable capacity building

Our train-the-trainer method has been tried and tested internationally and enables an institution to build in-house capabilities and drive innovation in the training of researchers. Participants practice co-facilitating and experience a workshop from a participant perspective, with additional support including optional, ongoing mentoring and recognition of trainers by Vitae.

Our offer

The Vitae capacity building programme provides a range of products and services to support growth with differing levels of institutional impact and is described in this brochure. All our activity is underpinned by the internationally acclaimed Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF). The RDF maps the knowledge, behaviour and attributes of successful researchers and provides a strong foundation to manage professional development.

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