Doing research

Supervising a doctorate

Supervising a doctorate

Read report published October 2020 - Supervisors Voice: perspectives on the values and boundaries of the supervisory role and accompanying interview with the report author

In the early stages – positive relationships…

As they progress – keeping on track…

During the final stages – writing, viva, career support…

Supporting disabled doctoral researchers – fieldwork, academic networks, writing support - under revision

Wellbeing & mental health

Wellbeing & mental health

Take a look at our pages dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Read our Mental health and wellbeing - staying sane when working remotely blog

Read our dedicated wellbeing and mental health page and leaflet for a wealth of resources on this subject.

Equality and diversity in researcher careers

Read Institutional case studies for support techniques, download training materials and explore ten actions for All. to improve equality and diversity in research

Resources and support for researchers with disabilities

Open Research

Open Research

We have put together a comprehensive collection of useful resources relating to Open Research.

These pages have been developed to coincide with Open Access week and include a 15 minute open research podcast Vitae made in conjunction with Taylor & Francis.

Click here to find out more.

Read the highlights from the VitaeChat on Open Access and Open Research