Doing research

Advice and resources related to doing a PhD, supervising a PhD, working as a member of research staff or developing as a PI.

Doing a doctorate

Doing a doctorate

Advice for doctoral candidates

Routemaps for new researchers

Starting a doctorate – key relationships, planning your project, common challenges…

During your doctorate – raising your profile, managing yourself, staying positive…

Completing your doctorate – writing as you go, viva checklist, finishing…

Part-time researchers on film

Supervising a doctorate

Supervising a doctorate

Advice for supervisors on supporting candidates.

In the early stages – positive relationships…

As they progress – keeping on track…

During the final stages – writing, viva, career support…

Supporting disabled doctoral researchers – fieldwork, academic networks, writing support…

Vitae courses and events

Vitae courses and events

See our forthcoming events listing or request event mailings

Browse presentations, reports and other outcomes from past events including recorded online hangouts on topics such as make a successful start in your research, get your voice heard and boost your career and develop your profile in and outside academia

Vitae Researcher Futures. Steer a course through the early years of a research career. Download materials for these courses and more from our library of resources

Three Minute Thesis, Vitae research communication competition

Every Researcher Counts

Every Researcher Counts

Equality and diversity in researcher careers.

Resources and support for disabled researchers

Institutional case studies examining specific issues and support techniques

Training materials based on a variety of challenging scenarios, most around managing researchers

Actions for All. Ten actions to improve equality and diversity in research

Research directors and PIs

Research directors and PIs

Leadership development for new and aspiring PIs

PIs on mentoring research staff - short videos

See our overview of resources to help you support your researchers

Experience survey of PIs and research leaders. Read the latest PIRLS report

Search the site for advice to recommend to your researchers. Wide-ranging topics include getting funding, research ethics, authorship and time management