Leadership development for principal investigators (PIs)

 "The Principal Investigator takes responsibility for the intellectual leadership of the research project, for the overall management of the research and for the management and development of researchers" UK Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

This section, aimed at new and aspiring PIs, expands on these responsibilities and adds advice on developing yourself as a PI - a responsibility which underpins and strengthens all the others.

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Intellectual leadership

As a PI your research will demand a high level of expertise in your discipline, and a great deal of specialised knowledge which puts you at the forefront of the field

Leading a research project

Leading a research project successfully will require you to take on some very different types of responsibility

Developing individual researchers

Every person we work with is different. This makes life interesting...

PIs on mentoring research staff

Building and managing a research team

Building and managing a research team

Strategies for successfully forming a team and understanding individual difference. Team roles and team development

Developing yourself as a PI

Developing yourself as a PI

For the busy PI, professional development may seem like an effort but it can really enhance your capacity to lead



This section is the result of a HEFCE funded project to provide resources for new and aspiring principal investigators