Career planning cycle

Career development is something that benefits from active consideration and subsequent action. The career planning cycle is a helpful model.


1. Assess and review

This is asking questions such as:

  • what matters to the individual about their job and how it fits into their life?
  • what parts of their current job do they particularly like or dislike?
  • are there any limitations to their choice of career path?

2. Research

This can involve researching:

  • careers that meet the individual's needs and ambitions
  • occupations that would use their skills and experiences
  • identifying development needs.

3. Set goals

This is considering how the individual will gain:

  • additional skills
  • experience...

...o enable them to work towards career goals, eg attending a training course, seeking new responsibilities at work, or contacting people who work in a certain area.

4. Take action

This is ensuring that actions identified in stage three are carried through.