Open researchers within open research

Moves towards making research more 'open' mark a fundamental shift in the way that research is done. Becoming more aware of policy, discussions and issues surrounding this topic can help you to recognise the development and career opportunities it can offer.


Resources developed for Open Access week  Open Access

What is open research?

From open journals to the data deluge and citizen science.

What is an open researcher?

How the individual can respond in order to grasp the opportunities offered by a more open research environment.

Open research policy and advocacy

Developing a broad awareness of international, national and local policy surrounding open research can help raise your awareness of expectations and give context when considering your own professional development needs.

Skills and knowledge to thrive in open research using the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

We set out those areas of knowledge, behaviour, skill or competency that we think are most important for open researchers.

Career opportunities for the open researcher

It's worth a little time to reflect on how engaging with open research could open new doors for you and your career.

Open research: resources for researcher developers

A few extra approaches and links that might interest you if your role is to support researchers to navigate and thrive in the open research environment.