Career opportunities for the open researcher

For the individual researcher, working in an open research environment can bring career-enhancing opportunities. Here are 8 examples of how developing your knowledge and skills as an open researcher could benefit your career.

Let us know if we’ve missed something and we’ll add it to the list!


Open data and open access policies mean that the outputs from your research are out there quicker than they used to be plus it should be quicker and easier for you to find useful data that would not have been accessible in the past. This may bring some challenges but there are also positives for your career progress and professional reputation.


Open research practices as a whole can tend to lead to your work having greater impact in the world because it should be available and visible to more people and accessible in new ways. We’re talking actual on-the-ground impact rather than official measures of impact; we know you’re interested in those too and there’s some work to do in redefining ways to measure research outputs.


Open researcher behaviour such as developing global citizenship, engaging with the public and actively seeking collaborative relationships will help you to see your research and your career from different perspectives – always healthy!

New ways of doing research

Greater connectedness and increasingly effective means of remote communication mean that more creative approaches to your research are possible. Think citizen science and massive online collaborations.


More conventional collaborations should also be more likely in an open research environment as well as easier to manage. Sharing of ideas and resources and cross-discipline or cross-sector working can breathe new life into your research and open doors to new opportunities.

Being at the forefront

Engaging in the use of new technologies and ways of working not only helps you to develop important transferable skills but can be a great way to remain aware of new directions in your field and in research in general.


Building a reputation has always been important to those looking for a career in research. The chance to do this partly in the online space is not dependent on who you know or what funds you have but is available to everyone who makes the most of the opportunity.

Broadening horizons

Developing the knowledge and skills needed to be effective as an open researcher can broaden your research, personal and career horizons through new experiences and interaction with a broader range of people.