PIs on mentoring research staff

If you are a research director or PI, offering mentoring support to the research staff who work with you is likely to be part of your role. Seven PIs talk on film about approaches to mentoring research staff and share their successes and tips.

These films might be used by both new and more experienced PIs to support their continuing professional development. They may also be of interest to aspiring PIs who want to consider future development needs. You may also be interested in these Vitae publications for principal investigators and research directors.

Tell us about yourself as a PI

How would you describe your approach to managing research staff?

How do you approach conversations around career aspirations and professional development?

Give an example of success in mentoring a member of research staff

Are there others ways to support the staff you manage in advancing as professional researchers?

What personal benefits have you derived from mentoring research staff?

What advice would you give to new and prospective PIs on managing research staff?



With thanks to our contributors for their time and for sharing their experience:

Prof Karen Chapman, University of Edinburgh

Dr Mirela Delibegovic, University of Aberdeen

Prof Hayley Fowler, Newcastle University

Prof David Gray, University of Edinburgh

Prof Miep Helfrich, University of Aberdeen

Prof Barrie Mecrow, Newcastle University

Prof Kate Storey, University of Dundee

Filming by Dr Elizabeth Scanlon, editing by Dr Ed French, project manager Dr Jane Sugars - all of Vitae