Partner organisations

The UK Research Staff Association establishes and maintains ongoing partnerships with organisations that have an interest in the well-being of research staff.

The UKRSA has identified stakeholder organisations with whom we establish and maintain ongoing partnerships. This allows us to provide stakeholders and partners direct access to the UKRSA, while providing the UKRSA with expert advice.


Entering or leaving employment as a member of research staff is a challenging endeavour.  To provide support to individuals making this transition, the UKRSA has entered partnerships with several UK-wide bodies, as described below.

National Union of Students (NUS)

Many postgraduate students may wish to pursue a career in an academic setting such as becoming a postdoctoral researcher. To help provide support and bridge the gap between being a student and a postgraduate researcher or member of staff at a university, the UKRSA has entered a partnership with the National Union of Students (NUS).

NUS is a voluntary membership organisation making a difference to the lives of students and its member students' unions. It is a confederation of 600 students' unions, amounting to more than 95 per cent of all higher and further education unions in the UK. Through the member students' unions, they represent the interests of more than seven million students.

The NUS mission is to promote, defend and extend the rights of students and to develop and champion strong students' unions.

The vision of NUS is as a pioneering, innovative and powerful campaigning organisation: the national voice of students. The NUS fights barriers to education, empowers students to shape both a quality learning experience and the world around them, and supports influential, democratic and well-resourced students' unions.

Learned and honorary societies

There are many learned societies that exist in the UK, Europe, and internationally and provide resources to members of research staff.  The following organisations are listed based upon their category, as outlined in Vitae What do researchers do? Career profiles of doctoral graduates 2009.

Discipline: Arts and humanities, Biological sciences, Biomedical sciences, Physical sciences and engineering, Social sciences, other

Arts and humanities

Biological sciences

Biomedical sciences

Physical sciences and engineering

Social sciences