Online research communities

Communities of researchers everywhere have begun to adopt Web 2.0 technologies in order to interact online

All known online research communities are listed below. Please to tell us about any research staff associations not mentioned here.
Who's researching what?

BioCrowd is a social network for students, scientists, business people, and others who share a passion for bioscience.  It was created to help bioscience professionals build relationships, exchange ideas, find jobs and identify exciting new career opportunities.

Graduate Junction
The academic network for all Masters, PhD and postdoctoral researchers.  Any subject, anywhere in the world.  Use Graduate Junction to grow your own academic network and make contact with other researchers who share your research interests.

LabLit is dedicated to real laboratory culture and to the portrayal and perceptions of that culture – science, scientists and labs – in fiction, the media and across popular culture.

Labmeeting's mission is to help researchers work more efficiently. We offer researchers a web service to organize, collect, and share scientific papers.

Laboratree is a social networking tool for scientists: a research management tool that allows you to grow your network by joining up with various colleagues, groups, and projects. It also allows you to e-mail or send messages to all parts of your network, manage a personal or group blog, or share papers, documents, and other files with other users.

A free social networking site that enables scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals to connect, collaborate and learn from each other. LabRoots fosters world-wide scientific communication and incorporates the newest social networking technologies.

Methodspace is the home of the Research Methods community from across the world.

Nature Network
Connecting scientists.
A free networking website for the global research community that enables research managers, administrators and researchers to easily identify and connect with potential collaborators across all disciplines and in different geographies.

Pronetos is a home to communities and scholars of every academic discipline: a global think-tank of the leaders in your field.

ResearchGATE is the leading professional network for scientists. It's free of charge and designed to meet researchers' needs with colleagues and build your scientific network. Discover new methods, papers, and people with our comprehensive research based search engine. Collaborate using our suite of applications built specifically for researchers.

Not exactly a researcher community, SciLinks is nonetheless a useful tool and resembles a community in that it has certain social functions.  SciLinks is a partnership between progressive U.S. textbook publishers and the National Science Teachers Association, the largest organization of science educators in the world.

Times Higher education is not a researcher community per se, but a lot of the discussion going on in the comments section will be relevant to researchers.