Regional research staff associations

Each region has a regional RSA representative, and some also have a regional RSA whose aim is to link your local society into the national association. Please contact your regional representative for more information about your regional RSA or to see if your institution has a local RSA.

East of England

Regional Representative: Nicola Woodward, Institute for Food Research


London Research Staff Network
A London researcher forum for discussion, event information sharing, practice sharing, and networking. Join the Facebook group.

Regional Representative: Dan Weekes, Kings College London


Midlands Research Staff Association (Mids RSA)
We are working hard to support all research staff in the Midlands to build a community of researchers who can support you regardless of where your next contract takes you. We will be there to offer a community of like-minded colleagues to talk and network with.  Every member of the Midlands RSA is committed to actively engage in their own personal and professional development.

Following a career development and networking day in July 2014, the Mids RSA has set up an online forum for sharing information on research collaborations, networking and events.  Please join the forum and view recent activity.  The forum also includes the latest information that researchers in the region have shared on their research and collaborative interests to encourage future project connections.  If you would like to share details about your interests please complete this 'My Research mind map' and share it with the forum.

If you:

  • utilize social networking tools to share information
  • want to be part of a supportive community you can access regardless of your location in the Midlands
  • enjoy communicating online
  • have an interest in career development, employment rights, equality and diversity, research ethics, funding, impact, or researcher mobility
  • feel passionately about an issue that affects research staff and is not listed above
  • have a brilliant idea that must see the light of day
  • enjoy networking
  • are interested in research policy or
  • have taken the time to read every item on this list

then there is a place for you as a member of the Midlands RSA.

Membership is free and you can join today, .
You can also join our Midlands Research Staff Association Linkedin group, like us on  Facebook, follow us on Twitter @MidlandsHub and see our blog.

Midlands Regional Representative: Alex Tarr, University of Nottingham

North West

Regional Representative: Lisa Wood, Lancaster University

Scotland and Northern Ireland

SNI Regional RSA Network
The SNI RSA network aims to bring together key contacts from research staff associations throughout Scotland and Northern Ireland so that they can communicate with one another. This is also a platform for the regional Vitae hub to engage with local research staff associations and keep them up to date with Vitae national and regional events, and Vitae resources. In addition, the regional UKRSA representative and co-chair of the UKRSA have access to this network so that regional associations can communicate with the regional UKRSA representative directly, who in turn can provide UKRSA-related information to the network.

This network has been purposely designed to include one or two key contacts from regional research staff associations, who in turn are asked to disseminate information to the association to which they belong.

If you are interested in joining this group please your regional UKRSA representative in the first instance.

Regional Representative: Emma Compton, University of Dundee

South East

Regional Representative: Anastasia Callaghan, University of Portsmouth

South West and Wales

Regional Representative: Mascia Amici, University of Bristol

Yorkshire and North East

Co-Regional Representatives
David Finger, University of Sheffield
Stewart Husband, University of Sheffield