EURAXIND Workshop for EURAXESS Members - Supporting your researchers to be intersectorally mobile

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Day 1  – Monday 13th November 2017, British Council – 14.00 – 17.00 (buffet lunch will be served from 13.15)

The Researcher Talent Pipeline - The Institution Perspective

This round table discussion will consider the talent pipeline and UK Industrial Strategy from the perspective of institutions needs and responsibilities to their researchers.  

The discussion will:

  • Address the current challenges of the researcher talent pipeline
  • Examine what institutions can do in order to support their researchers to become more intersectorally mobile
  • Make recommendations to build the pipeline for an innovative UK economy

Outcome – A position piece making recommendations to the UK government for both the industry strategy and skills agent to attract, retain and develop talent. 

Day 2  – Tuesday 14th November 2017, British Council – 10.00 – 14.00

Supporting your researchers - Toolkits to support your institution and your individual researchers' engagement with employers and to promote intersectoral mobility

This workshop will reveal the findings of research undertaken as part of EURAXESS, an Horizon 2020 funded project aiming to improve intersectoral mobility. This research has been undertaken from researcher, institution and employer perspective and includes a pan-European survey and literature review. This research will lead to the development of two toolkits, one for researchers and one for institutions which will include practical resources to address the talent pipeline.

This workshop will:

  • Reveal the outcomes of 3 European literature reviews examining intersectoral mobility from the perspective of employers, institutions and researchers
  • Reveal the outcomes of 3 European surveys examining intersectoral mobility from the same group of stakeholders but also considering an additional survey examining the views of researchers now in non-academic careers
  • Consider how we can support institutions in career guidance for researchers
  • Explore the new resources emerging from the EURAXIND project
  • Allow EURAXESS representatives from UK institutions the opportunity to strengthen their network through practice sharing and collaboration

About you – This workshop is for representatives of EURAXESS institutions with an interest in the topic of intersectoral mobility