File PDF document P1 - What is the perceived value of Industry Engagement in the Australian PhD by Ashleigh Roberts
File PDF document P2 - How to assess effectiveness of professional development programmes by Etsuko Tanaka
File PDF document P4 - Converting Attendees to Deliverers The Development Tutor Scheme at Liverpool by Shirley Cooper
File PDF document P5 - The lived experiences of current research fellows in prestigious fellowship schemes by Eli Saetnan
File PDF document P6 - PGR Key Skills Development Programme at LSBU by Peter Doyle
File PDF document P7 - Research mentorship perspectives from across the research career pathway by Brigit Chesworth
File PDF document P8 - Can mindfulness through meditation or Origami be used to support resilience and well-being in researchers by Richy Hetherington
File PDF document P9 - The New Normal shifting the CPD Paradigm for Higher Degree Research (HDR) supervision enhancement by William Ashraf
File PDF document P10 - Project-based learning for a transdisciplinary engagement with social issues - a collaborative approach as part of a doctoral program by Goro Yamazaki
File PDF document P11 - Providing knowledge for exploring young researchers’ career by Kyoko Fukushima
File PDF document P12 - Recruiting international faculty in Osaka University Japan the issue of required knowledge by Kyoko Ito
File PDF document P13 - Building capacity in research communication for early career researchers in developing countries by Jennifer Chapin and Andy Nobes
File PDF document P14 - Public Engagement Going out to the street by Helal Ahmed
File PDF document P16 - Towards a framework for supporting PGR wellbeing at the University of Exeter by Kelly Preece
File PDF document P17 - Cross-institutional researcher development an Australian success story by Melissa Hart
Page Posters from Vitae Researcher Development International Conference 2017