File PDF document O1-The landscape of researcher development, Vitae resources and membership-CViney-KWheat-JReynolds
File PDF document A1-How CROS and PIRLS are providing insights into progress in implementing the Concordat-JMetcalfe&RMellors-Bourne
File PDF document A2-Improving the intersectoral mobility of researchers-EDay-GONeill
File PDF document A3-The Impact of REF2021 Recommendations on Contract and Postdoctoral Research Staff-LStephen-EComptonDaw
File PDF document A5- LEAP Strategies for improving academic language development via mentoring and online resources
File A6-A practice sharing platform for developing strategic leadership skills in researchers at all levels-LWarnock-ABarnes-TBromley
File PDF document A7-Creating and embedding a Postdoc Charter - a tool to benefit both postdocs and team leaders-EGlen-CMonteiroDomingues
File PDF document A8-Realising the potential of Roberts-LWarnock-ABarnes-TBromley
File PDF document B1 - Exploring the wellbeing, mental health and retention of postgraduate researchers - KWheat-CSlight-KLevecque-SWilson
File PDF document B2 - Pathways to chartership career progression and professional recognition in multi-disciplinary CDTs
File PDF document B3-Transitioning professionals from practice professional backgrounds to academia-AHay
File PDF document B4-Researcher developers can show Impact-SSparks
File PDF document B5-A researcher development matrix-SBrookes
File PDF document B6-Breaking down barriers Engaging doctoral researchers and supervisors in transferable skills development-NBannister-EParker
File PDF document B7-12x12 Engaging Mentors and Mentees through the RDF to enhance the research capacity of a small, young not-for-profit university in Australia-KDunstan
File PDF document B8-How to use Webinars to support researcher development-TReeves-TCrowther
File PDF document B9-Enhancing doctoral supervision-CChapin-MJoos
File PDF document C1-Addressing flexible futures for researchers-AMitchell
File PDF document C1-Addressing flexible futures for researchers-JReeves
File PDF document C1-Addressing flexible futures for researchers-ECompton-Daw
File PDF document C2-What do researchers do Understanding the aspirations and careers of researchers-RHewitt-DLush-RMellors-Bourne-JMetcalfe
File PDF document C3-Getting rid of our researchers
File PDF document C4 - Pre award game of Life - Stephanie Maloney
File PDF document C5-Taking researcher training online- approaches, platforms, & pedagogy for the virtual classroom-SWatts-ESmith-DWhit
File PDF document C6-A linked up global network of Gender Equality programs and best practice internationally
File PDF document C7-Enhancing Graduate Students’ Teaching Skills and Academic Employability-KClegg-AStanden
File PDF document D1 - Recognition and reward Using responsible metrics, indicators, and researcher assessment systems to support the career development of researchers-CFraser-DMcAllister-JMetcalfe
File PDF document D2-Driving the research agenda through effective collaborative leaderships-AMitchell
File PDF document D3 - Mentoring outside the box Cross-institutional boost and peer-to-peer nationwide programmes
File PDF document D4-The research ecosystem- developing resilience and supporting wellbeing-AGiordano-CRussell-CBroad
File PDF document D5-Research culture- visions of 2035-ACrawford-FDowney
File PDF document D7-Leveraging researcher support networks to facilitate mobility-JChisholm-LThorne-JSauer-LStephen-MBuccheri
Page Workshop presentations from Vitae Researcher Development International Conference 2017