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As we approach the benchmarking year for the Culture, Employment and Development in Academic Research Survey (CEDARS) we invited members to come together to learn more about how CEDARS could support your institutional strategy and future planning. The event will provide the opportunity to share practice on engaging your researcher population with surveys. 

Check out the event summary from our previous event 'Getting the most out of your CEDARS data'.


CEDARS reflects the Principles of the revised Concordat, incorporating the environment, culture, professional development and employment of research staff and the experiences of their managers. It was developed in 2019 by sector working groups following the publication of the new Researcher Development Concordat. It replaces and integrates questions from the long-running Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS) and Principal Investigators & Research Leaders Survey (PIRLS). 

About you 

This Vitae member event is intended for staff involved with the running of CEDARS at their institution in 2020 or are considering running CEDARS in 2023 during the benchmarking window of 1 March 2023 until 16 June 2023.