Developing and sustaining effective researcher networks webinar

 2 women talking to each other on tub chairs, one holding microphone

The Vitae Researcher Networks working group are excited to announce that following collective knowledge gathering and sourcing of examples of practice from the sector, a ‘Developing and sustaining effective researcher networks toolbox’ will be published in Autumn 2022. The toolbox is being designed to help nurture and sustain researcher networks and will be aimed at Researcher Development Advisors, managers of researchers and the researcher community.

An open access panel discussion to discuss the upcoming resource and share experiences of setting up and sustaining researcher networks will be taking place on Thursday 15 September.

The varied panel will be made up of three to four network leads who submitted case study examples for the toolbox and discussions covered will include:
  • how to start a new researcher community or network
  • engaging with groups who are not campus based, or where an institution has multiple campuses
  • maintaining momentum when key group members have to step away
  • how to engage those that don't ordinarily participate
  • diversity and inclusion within networks

Anyone involved in the development of researchers is invited to join the discussion and we especially welcome researchers and whilst it will take place during the Vitae International Researcher Development Conference, it will be an open access event that will not require a paid ticket.

Please complete the form to register your interest and more details about attending will be emailed to you nearer the time.

Dr Angela Midgley, Research Staff Developer, University of Liverpool has written a blog providing more information about the toolkit