Alison Tidy

Job title and organisationAlison Tidy

Chair, UKRSA and Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham 


Alison Tidy is a Research Fellow in Plant & Crop Science at the University of Nottingham, joining Prof. Zoe Wilsons team in 2012. Her main interest is in flower development, looking specifically at pollen development within Arabidopsis and Oilseed Rape during environmental stress. She is currently part of a BBSRC sLoLa project BRAVO (Brassica Rapeseed and Vegetable Optimisation) working with 7 Universities/Research Centres within the UK. As well as her research Alison is currently the chair for UKRSA (UK Research Staff Association), which aims to provide a collective voice for research staff across the UK, building a research community and influencing policy. Alison is also involved in campaigning Researchers development at her University as the chair for the SB Campus Early Career Research and Teaching Committee and within Staff Development and Fixed-term Staff Committees. In all of these roles Alison aims to aid career development and general well-being of the research community, and ensuring that the voice of the early career researchers is heard.

Twitter Handle: @ScienceAllyF