Dr Brian Cahill

Brian Cahill


Marie Curie Alumni Association / EuroScience

Job title

Member of Governing Board of EuroScience / Junior Research Group Leader

Brian was the chair of the Marie Curie Alumni Association from 2016-2018. The MCAA represents the interests of over 7000 members, who previously benefitted from the Marie (Skłodowska-) Curie Actions of the European Commission. He has been central in promoting researcher career development within MCAA. He was recently elected to the Governing Board of EuroScience.

Brian is the leader of a junior research group at the Institute of Bioprocessing and Analytical Measurement Techniques in Heilbad Heiligentstadt in Germany, where his research focusses on the development of techniques for measuring the growth of bacteria in droplet-based microfluidics. He was a Marie Curie Fellow at the same institute from 2007-2012. He was a postdoc at the University of Geneva and a doctoral student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He worked for Hewlett-Packard / Agilent Technologies as a Learning Products Engineer from 1998-2000 in Germany. He studied Mechanical Engineering at University College Dublin and Dublin City University.