Dr Lucy Thorne

Lucy ThorneOrganisation

Lancaster University

Job title

Organisational Developer

Lucy Thorne is an Organisational Developer at Lancaster University, a post which she commenced in December 2013. She has responsibility for scoping organisational development needs and identifying priority areas, expanding researcher development opportunities, developing professional frameworks for identified constituencies of staff and embedding talent management and succession planning processes for the organisation. Prior to her current role, Lucy was Senior Faculty Administrator within the Faculty of Science and Technology at Lancaster, a post which she held for 8 years. Lucy provided the main support to the Dean in managing the delivery of the faculty's strategy, led the development and reorganisation of administration within departments, developed and implemented faculty policy and advised on issues of governance. Before moving to Lancaster University, Lucy was Research Support Centre Manager for the Learning and Skills Development Agency in London, and prior to this held post-doctoral research positions at London's Institute of Education and Middlesex University. Lucy has a BSc(Hons) in Sociology/Social Psychology and a PhD in Education.