Dr Erika Cretney

OrganisationErika Cretney

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Job title

Research Education Program Manager


Dr Erika Cretney is the Research Education Program Manager at The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac) in Melbourne, Australia. Erika is a passionate science educator and science communicator with 20 years of medical research experience in the field of cancer immunology. Her current role is divided into 2 main areas of activity:

  • Managing the Comprehensive Cancer PhD Program that brings together over 200 cancer-related PhD students from 10 organizations in Melbourne.
  • Leading the development and management of a professional development program 'Skills for academic and non-academic careers' to assist Peter Mac research staff (primarily post-docs) to develop skills to benefit them in their current roles, and increase their potential for career progression within Peter Mac or externally.