Associate Professor Inger Mewburn

OrganisationInger Mewburn

The Australian National University

Job title

Director of Research Training


Associate Professor Inger Mewburn has been working in research education since 2006 and has been director of research training at the Australian National University since 2013, overseeing inter-disciplinary transferable skills training for early career researchers. Inger does higher education research with a focus employability and machine learning. Her teaching and learning expertise is in academic writing, publishing and presenting research as well as conflict resolution, project management and research commercialisation. Inger is the founding editor and manager of the Thesis Whisperer blog, which has had, to date, over 7 million visitors and 100,000 followers on various social media channels. She has published or edited five books, authored numerous journal articles on various facets of research education. She is a popular and sought-after speaker and media commentator on research culture and education issues. You can find out more about Inger here: