Oluwashina Akinsanmi

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Ulster University


Oluwashina Akinsanmi is a Nigerian born in Nigeria, where he resided and attained his preliminary qualifications before moving to the United Kingdom (UK) to further his studies. He was awarded a degree in Marine Biology from the University Lagos, Nigeria, prior to his master's degree. He obtained a master's degree in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Greenwich, UK during which a passion for ensuring a clean and sustainable environment was developed. In a bid to pursue a career in this field of interest, he previously worked as an environmental consultant providing technical expertise to diverse clients in various sectors on issues pertaining to environmental management and sustainability.

Oluwashina Akinsanmi is currently a PhD student at Ulster University, UK. His research focuses on the development of a sustainable and cost-effective alternative method for the treatment of antibiotics in wastewater. More specifically, he is currently investigating the development and validation of a new treatment process for the removal of antibiotic residues from wastewater using lignocellulosic waste material, such as sawdust. In the future, he anticipates the incorporation of this treatment method into wastewater treatment plants to support the cause against antimicrobial resistance.