Olya Vvedenskaya



Olya Vvedenskaya, MD, PhD was born in Moscow, Russia. She studied medicine specializing in medical biophysics in Moscow and worked on her MD thesis devoted to traumatic brain injury and mass spectrometry at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. She further did her PhD in Berlin, Germany working on a multi-omics approach to research of liver cancer and pre-cancerous conditions. She continued her work in translational medicine and mass spectrometry in Dresden, working as a postdoc in MPI-CBG. Additionally, to her main job as a researcher, Olya devoted her time to academic mental health advocacy, organizing local peer networks, and co-founding Dragonfly Mental Health.

Dragonfly Mental Health is a team of academic volunteers combating mental health epidemic by delivering evidence-based workshops, programs, and consulting to academic communities around the world. This, in combination with rigorous research and community building efforts, changes the world as we know it by supporting and sustaining the incredible minds and talent ready to make the world a better place.