Preethi Misha

OrganisationPreethi Misha

Nottingham Trent University


I am Preethi Misha, a final year PhD student at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University. Prior to commencing my PhD, I held a career in investment banking and finance at firms Goldman Sachs, Deutsche bank and Switzerland based reinsurer Swiss Re. During my tenure at Goldman Sachs, the firm was in the midst of the infamous SEC scandal where an investigation proved that Goldman Sachs deliberately sold financial products that they knew was going to fail anyway. This motivated me to think about how unethical leadership behaviours emerge and cascade within organizations. In my PhD, I investigate processes such as meaning making and organizational identification to understand the boundary conditions and mediating processes under which top and middle managers confirm to engaging in unethical behaviours. This research also helped me gain a role as an online MBA tutor on the Responsible Leadership module and subsequently a full time lecturing role at Nottingham Business School. So far, the PhD has received five awards, one publication and successfully received three small internal grants. Some of this include the prestigious Founders Award from the Society for Business Ethics (SBE) in 2018. I have had the opportunity to present my work in Greece, the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Germany. I hope to complete my PhD by March, 2020 upon which my goal is to be the researcher that seeks beyond academia and generates practical impact in organizations. I hope to achieve this by producing business ethics programmes for employees that help develop moral courage, ethics questionnaires and also innovative ethics modules to students, all with the hope of reducing unethical behaviours at the workplace.