Aline Giordano

Aline GiordanoOrganisation

University of Southampton

Job title

Doctoral College Manager


Aline Giordano is the University of Southampton Doctoral College Manager. Her role is about providing the support needed for doctoral researchers to maximise their contribution to the University whilst enhancing their experience, and that of others, along the way. This is achieved through a number of means, including high quality data-gathering and monitoring, facilitating strong collaboration between research disciplines, providing doctoral researchers with an active voice in decision-making processes and working with the Students' Union to foster a vibrant, engaging and supportive community. Due to the nature of postgraduate research provision she is called on to work with a very wide range of colleagues across professional services and faculties. As Diversity Champion she also works closely with HR, especially colleagues engaged with the Athena SWAN agenda. In 2016 she conducted a study which explored the pastoral care needs of postgraduate researchers and the effectiveness of non-academic support mechanisms at the University of Southampton.