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Chris Russell is a freelance education and skills trainer, based in the South West and working all across the UK. Always the budding scientist, Chris took a degree in Applied Physics, from which he graduated in 1998 before taking a year out for some "real world" experience. On returning to education to undertake a Masters, he finally found something he was really interested in and decided to study for a PhD in Medical Laser Imaging. After seven years of PhD, post-doc, project management and presentations, Chris' passion was on the wane and a new challenge beckoned. Pulled out of his indecision by redundancy and to the other side of the country by his personal life, his life as a roving freelancer began. Chris spends his time rejoicing in how others learn and excel; whether that's youth groups, post grads, research staff or his extremely cheeky son. His interest in thinking, inspiration and creativity extend through his work and life, and his passion for the outdoors sees him walking, biking, eating and growing wherever he can find fresh air.