Davina Whitnall


University of Salford 
Davina Whitnall

Job title

Researcher Development Coordinator


My role is Researcher Development Coordinator at Salford. My past roles include being a researcher developer at The University of Manchester, working as an independent trainer consultant and as a National Training Officer for The Co-operative Group. 

My research interests are in pedagogy, developing confidence, leadership and supporting researcher-led activities. I've written two books 'ER Stories - Enabling Researchers Stories' and 'Ketchup - The confidence developing condiment.' I enjoy designing and delivering training and I'm a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Personal development is important to me and I'm working towards Senior Fellowship Status as part of my professional development. 

I enjoy working closely with the PGR and researcher community at Salford and if you would like to get in touch my email address is: D.C.Whitnall@salford.ac.uk