Dr Dawn Duke

Dawn DukeOrganisation

University of Surrey 

Job title

Head of Researcher Development and Engagement

Dawn Duke (Vitae Researcher Developer Senior Fellow) is the Head of Researcher Development and Engagement within the University of Surrey’s Doctoral College. She leads the team that supports the transferable/employability skills of postgraduate researchers and early career researchers across all disciplines, as well as delivers supervisor training. Dawn received her neuroscience PhD from Imperial College. In 2008, she moved from researching and teaching neuroscience to concentrate fully on researcher devel­opment.

As well as being an experienced manager and training facilitator, Dawn is an author and editor for the Sage Success in Research book series, an HR Excellence in Research Peer Reviewer, a member of the UK Council for Graduate Education Executive Committee and participates in the Vitae working group for Continuing Professional Development for Researcher Developers. Throughout her career in researcher development, she has worked to embed and normalise skills training to better pre­pare researchers for the variety of opportunities available to them. Dawn believes that the world would be a better place if the amazing research that is done within our universities had an even greater impact on policy, society and the economy, and is dedicated to enabling the next generation of researchers to take on this challenge.