Dr Amy Moore

Amy Moore


Institute of Cancer Research

Job title

Researcher Development Manager


Amy is the ICR's Researcher Development Manager, where she leads the researcher development programme for the ICR's scientists. She regularly delivers training and works with staff associations to create tailored development programmes for researchers. Amy provides individual careers coaching, and is accredited in psychometric testing by the BPS. Amy led in the development of the Pathway to Independence programme in collaboration with colleagues at BBSRC and The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and works with RMH colleagues to support clinical scientist induction, training and careers.

Amy completed her PhD under the mentorship of Professor Chris Paraskeva at the University of Bristol in 2009 and then spent six months teaching Physiology before joining the ICR's Section of Paediatric Oncology as a Postdoc and taking an active role in the ICR's Postdoc Association.