Dr Anne Boultwood

Dr Anne Boultwood


Birmingham City University

Job title

Reader in the Psychology of Fashion




Anne Boultwood is Reader in the Psychology of Fashion at Birmingham City University. Her primary research focus is the role of fashion and clothing in the construction and maintenance of self, and their social and psychological impact. She has extended her early work on body boundary to address its broader implications for self and body awareness, including cultural and gender differences, social interaction, and notions of control. She supervises a number of students in related areas.

Anne also has considerable expertise in research training and development, ethical issues in art and design, and research-led public engagement. She has been involved in a number of initiatives, for example the Researcher Education and Development (RED) initiative, to introduce a range of programmes and resources, including the BIAD Research Summer School which has attracted attendees from academic institutions across the Midlands and the online BIAD professional Development Network which facilitates interdisciplinary mentoring of doctoral students and early career researchers.