Dr Ellen Donovan

Ellen DonovanOrganisation

The Royal Marsden/Institute of Cancer Research

Job title

NIHR Career Development Fellow


Ellen is a Medical Physicist specialising in radiotherapy (the use of radiation to treat cancer) and working in the joint physics department at The Royal Marsden/Institute of Cancer Research. She is funded currently as a Clinical Academic by a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Career Development Fellowship award.  She carried out a PhD as a mature, part time, self-funded student. Alongside her research, some of her most enjoyable experiences have been, and continue to be, supporting and encouraging others to achieve their potential. In the past year she has been working closely with the Researcher Development Manager of the ICR to share her experience of being a clinical academic, her successes and failures and her understanding of the barriers, both internal and external, which clinical academics might encounter. She is interested particularly in encouraging the staff groups which are under-represented as healthcare researchers such as the allied health professions.