Dr Geraint Wyn Story

Geraint Wyn Story


University of Cambridge

Job title

Researcher Development Consultant



Dr Geraint Wyn Story has been a Researcher Development Consultant in the University of Cambridge since 2008. He completed his undergraduate and masters degrees in Manchester (which included two periods of working experience at life science multinationals) before carry out his PhD in Plant Sciences at Cambridge. He then worked for a small biotech company for two years as the manager of a plant genomics group before taking up his current post back in the university. His role is the coordination, development and delivery of researcher development for about 3,000 PhD and postdoc researchers in the life sciences. His role also includes the overall coordination of the Cambridge Local GRADschool, as well as other projects such as the internships for BBSRC students, and the establishment of mentoring schemes. Geraint also does some freelance training when time permits!