Dr Iain Cameron

Dr Iain Cameron



Job title

Head of Research Careers and Diversity




Iain is head of Research Careers and Diversity at Research Councils UK (RCUK). He is responsible for co-ordinating research careers and related diversity issues across the UK Research Councils. He has responsibility for implementation of the Researcher Development Agenda including the Vitae® programme which supports the development of transferable and career skills for researchers and plays a key role in the UK ‘Concordat to support the Career Development for Researchers' for Research Careers. He works closely with the UK Government Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the UK Higher Education Funding Councils and other funders. Iain represents the UK on the ERA Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility, is currently chair of the ESF Member Organisation Forum on Research Careers and is working with Science Europe on Research Careers and Diversity issues. Iain has worked with the Research Councils since 1990. He holds a BSc (Honours) degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Virology from the University of Glasgow. He has also held research fellowships in a university department (University of Reading) and a research institute (Institute of Virology in Oxford).