Dr Janine Stockdale

Dr Janine StockdaleOrganisation

Ulster University

Job title

Doctoral Researcher Development Lead 

Since commencing her doctorate in 2002 (funded by the Research and Development Office NI), Janine has continued to apply her expertise in motivational systems and instructional design as a means of creating optimal performance learning environments. Using the ARCS approach, her work has included investigating, designing and testing a women-centred approach to infant feeding instruction (resulted in Ulster University Award for Innovation (2008); designing a motivational approach to teaching undergraduate research (resulted in Trinity College Dublin, Provost Teacher of the Year Award 2011); investigating and designing a series of motivational sequential apps and user-centered portal for supporting shared-decision making in a health care environment (FP7 Project currently being tested across Europe). In 2015, she commenced a two-year project at Ulster University, to apply the ARCS theoretical model to motivationally enhancing the researcher development environment at Ulster University.