Dr Lynn Clark


Liverpool John Moores UniversityLynn Clark

Job title

Resercher Devleoper / Manager


Over the past 11 years, Lynn has worked in researcher and educational development in Asian, European and UK HEIs including Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds and London. She has worked with researchers from all of the discipline areas, and has designed and developed 100s of institutional, regional and national skills training events, workshops and programmes. Events, workshops and programmes aimed at the enhancement of the knowledge, confidence and competency of research and career skills of researchers. In addition, she has facilitated more than 200 different international interdisciplinary research teams develop research proposals for funding.

Previously, she did a PhD in cognitive neuropsychology at the University of Manchester exploring the brain activity during implicit and explicit learning in humans. Her current research explores the mind set and skills of global researchers. Global researchers successfully build and sustain effective international research collaborations. This research influences her current professional practice.

Lynn Clark holds an honorary research post at the University of Liverpool.
Lynn has taught statistics to Psychology undergraduates at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has also held a research post within the Department of Psychology at the University of Lancaster, where she studied the relationship between eye movement and psychiatric disorders.
She has also been a trustee for a children's charity with specific responsibility for volunteer training, writing funding bids and Chair of the Board of Trustees.