Dr Ross Kemble

Ross Kemble


University of Suffolk

Job Title

MBA Programme Leader 

I have recently moved jobs to become the MBA Programme Leader at the University of Suffolk, where I am currently organising and preparing to validate the new MBA programme.  My previous role at Anglia Ruskin University as Researcher Development Programme Manager enabled me to engage with large range of research candidates. I have successfully developed, enhanced and facilitated on many cross-faculty researcher development sessions. Whilst also organising the student and supervisors conference with a total of 500+ attendees participating at these events.

My thesis was entitled: The Changing Nature of Work in the UK since Hassard et al (2009): 3 perspectives of employees’ perceptions of the changing nature of work in 2014? A Study of 3 Companies. My research interests include employee engagement, the real lived experience of employees and the role of the researcher developer.