Dr Erin Henslee


University of Surrey

Job title

Researcher Development Officer 


Erin has BSc degrees from Virginia Tech in Engineering Science & Mechanics and Mathematics, where she then worked as the undergraduate recruiter for the College of Engineering. During this time she also completed an MSc in biomedical engineering. She worked for a short time at the UT Southwestern Medical Center as a biomedical engineering specialist before being awarded a fellowship to pursue her PhD abroad. Erin came to the UK where she completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Surrey in 2016.

During this time she also enjoyed coordinating undergraduate labs for the department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences. Her PhD work led to a BBSRC funded postdoc in circadian electrophysiology of red blood cells.

Erin left the lab to join the Researcher Development Programme at the University of Surrey in October 2016 and is enjoying supporting other researchers on their doctoral journeys.