Erin McEvoy

Erin McEvoy


Erin McEvoy is a PhD Researcher focused on gambling addictions amongst Irish women and the impacts of gambling marketing at Ulster University. In addition to her PhD Research, Erin teaches within the School of Sport and is near completion of her AFHEA qualification.

Erin came from a single parent household and was the first person in her family to attend university. She has a strong background in marketing from completing her undergraduate and master’s degrees in BSc Business with Retail and MSc International Business, finishing top her class respectively. As recognition for her work, she was the recipient of both the Hutchinson Tiles Award 2017 and the Bradley and McLaughlin Globe Award 2018.

During Erin’s master’s degree, she was sent to Philadelphia as part of a team to represent Ulster University in 2018. Erin’s contribution of a marketing plan led to the team winning a grant of $5000, with the team arriving home as international winners.

In May 2023, Erin was the recipient of both the Ulster University 3MT 2023 Judges’ choice and people’s choice award for her presentation: “Deflating the Marketing Balloon Destroying the Lives of Irish Women".