Prof Jacqueline Broerse

Jacqueline BroerseOrganisation

VU University Amsterdam

Job title

Professor of Innovation and Communication in health and life sciences


Jacqueline Broerse is professor of innovation and communication in the health and life sciences (with focus on diversity and social inclusion) and Director of the Athena Institute, VU University Amsterdam. She holds a master degree in biomedical sciences (cum laude, 1988). In 1998 she obtained her PhD degree on the development of an interactive approach to include small-scale farmers in research agenda setting processes on biotechnology. Her current research is focused on (1) methodology development for responsible research and innovation and in particular facilitating public engagement in science, and (2) management of system change processes, in order to contribute to more open, equitable and inclusive innovation processes. Her research projects are in the field of health and sustainable development. She is involved in various EU-funded projects on Responsible Research and Innovation.