Janette Gilder

Jan Gilder


University of Wolverhampton

Job title

Director Project Support Office




Janette Gilder is employed by the University of Wolverhampton to develop research and enterprise partnerships that maximise the potential of others to deliver successful projects.

Working on European projects since 1994, she has extensive experience of managing complex, high profile EU funded projects both with Brussels and in the UK. Janette is most familiar delivering projects that have economic and social impact and enjoys the opportunity afforded others when introducing them to partners with complementary ideas. This ranges from European Structural Fund, Framework and LEADER programmes.

Janette believes Partnership is the opportunity for the generation of innovative ideas and personal growth. However, the best impact of partnership facilitated by EU support is the application or exploitation of those ideas.

This is the purpose of her department that is changing the nature of their research community so the University can have more impact on economic growth, even regeneration locally.  It has increased University EU research income x4.5 in ways that ensure we help smart specialisation priorities -  that's team work!

Her mission is "Successfully exploiting ideas'. She is a confident team developer and passionate about collaboration related to European politics and funding.