Jos Finer

Mr Jos Finer


University of St Andrews

Job title

Head of Organisational & Staff Development


Jos is the Head of Organisational & Staff Development at the University of St Andrews, and is responsible for coordinating organisational development initiatives across the University, including wellbeing, staff engagement, mentoring and coaching.

Jos also manages the CAPOD 'developer' team which has operational responsibility for coordinating and delivering professional and career development activities for support staff, research staff and academic staff.

In addition to these responsibilities Jos is also project lead for SUMAC, the web-based data management system for mentoring and coaching schemes which has been developed by CAPOD and is now in use with around 30 UK HEIs. In this role Jos manages the SUMAC developer team which includes one full time software developer and a number of casual developers.

Jos has been involved in people development for over 25 years, working in various roles in the private sector, local government, the NHS, industry and higher education.