Julian Edge


University of Manchester

Job title

Educational Consultant, Honorary Senior Lecturer




Vitae Researcher Development International Conference 2013: Realising the Potential of Researchers
Sessions and workshops

Trends and challenges in postgraduate participation and funding



Julian has been engaged internationally in teaching and teacher education for over forty years, with a particular focus on reflective practice and action research. His work in the use of non-judgemental discourse between peers received an interim summary in his (2002) publication, Continuing Cooperative Development: A Discourse Framework for Individuals as Colleagues, and the development of the approach continues in pair, group, and on-line formats, as updated in his (2011) The Reflexive Teacher Educator. He has run workshops for the researcher development unit of Manchester University and receives regular invitations to introduce his non-judgemental approach to individual and collegial effectiveness at international conferences, most recently in Colombia (2012), India (2013), Singapore (2014) and China (2015).