Maggie Hardman

Maggie HardmanOrganisation

University of Salford

Job title

LEAP and LEAP Higher Coordinator, Salford LanguagesFirst

My role is EAP Programme Coordinator at Salford. Our in-sessional provision for PGRs is called LEAP Higher (Learn English for Academic Purposes) and is designed to enhance English language skills to improve the student experience and maximise academic potential. This is delivered through LEAP Higher classes, online provision and 121 tutorials. I have been teaching at Salford for 20 years this year, although in this current role for only four years. 

I’m also a final year (part time) PGR myself, my thesis is an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the lived experiences of international doctoral candidates. I’m aiming to complete by the summer of 2018. I thoroughly enjoy working and studying with PGRs, and am always interested to hear PGR experiences.       

If you would like to get in touch, my email is