Manuela Carnaghi

3MT® finalist 2021

Manuela Carnaghi


University of Greenwich


Manuela obtained her BSc in Biological Science and an MSc in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology both with First-class Honours, from the University of Milano – Italy with a one-year internship at the National University of Ireland Galway. Her passion for parasites was reflected in her thesis, which focused on the use of parasites as biocontrol agents.

After her studies, Manuela worked for an NGO in Mozambique as an Assistant Project Manager on a food security project, focusing on reducing malnutrition in pre-school children from rural villages. Her interest in parasitic diseases was reinforced during this time, as she witnessed first-hand the effects of tropical infectious diseases and the impact they can have on rural populations. On returning to Italy, Manuela worked as a high school science teacher. She began her doctoral studies at NRI – University of Greenwich in September 2018.

During her doctorate she served as President of the NRI Postgraduate Society (2020–2021), as Mentorship Programme Manager for the Doctoral Society – University of Greenwich (2020–present), and as Postgraduate representative for the Royal Entomological Society (2019–present).