Dr Matthew Sillence

Matthew SillenceOrganisation

University of East Anglia

Job Title

Lecturer in Postgraduate Education and Training


Matthew Sillence is a researcher developer in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Graduate School at the University of East Anglia. His academic career began in the History of Art at the University of Warwick (BA, 1998-2001), University of York (MA, 2001-2002) and University of East Anglia (PhD, 2005-2009). He has previously worked in University information services, and in postgraduate support in the Sainsbury Institute for the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas (2009-2012).
Since 2012, he has taught on research methods and delivered a variety of other researcher development workshops for students in the arts and humanities, both at the University of East Anglia and with partner institutions in the Consortium for Humanities and the Arts South-East England (CHASE).
In 2017, he completed a Masters degree in Higher Education Practice at his own institution, and is interested in doctoral education policy and practice, the integration of digital technologies into higher education research and teaching, and continuing professional development for postgraduate research supervisors.