Mohammed Farooqui

3MT® finalist 2021

OrganisationMohammed Farooqui

University of Huddersfield


Mohammed Farooqui works in secondary education and is currently conducting research in education. He had entered teaching after working in the private corporate sector for over 22 years after completing his first degree in Biochemistry. Whilst working, Mohammed successfully attained a degree in Law and undertook a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and thereafter graduated with a Master’s degree in Lifelong Learning. He is now looking into the favourable educational outcomes at GCSE for male students whose familial heritage stems from the Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan, a group who, nationally fail to attain at least 5 GCSEs at Grade 4 and above. As there is currently limited knowledge in this area, Mohammed hopes that his study will shed important light on the factors leading to positive academic outcomes in the Pakistani community.